2021 ODES UTV R & D Dynamic

ODES has been in the all terrain vehicle area for tens of years. 

We got the most plentiful of product lineup from ATV , UTV to tactical purpose vehicles.

Then what’s next ?

We keep on asking ourselves for this and seeking the answer for the future. 

As the natural resource keeps reducing we are planning the Electricity powered all terrain vehicles to protect our environment. 

This inspires us to develop new energy vehicles for human around the globe.

In the mean time we are considering Go karts Kids purposed vehicle for Child or youth. 

As we know Youth is the future of humanity. They might learn more about todays new techs and transportation tools and get the skills to take control them earlier.

This might be better and more colorful for their young lives.

For the traditional vehicles we are good at we are keeping on make them more intelligence more human easy to use and more smart. 

Maybe some day we do not need a real person to drive for you outside.

However, artificial intelligence built in robot will take you a ride to the wild life and what you only need to do is to enjoy the adventure.